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Jerry Velona: Home

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Welcome to - website for, you guessed it, Jerry Velona! Please enter for more startling revelations as well as info about my music, my gigs, my bands, embarassing photos from the past, and other info that you might find mildly interesting and, hopefully, entertaining.

Go to the top of this page and click play for a taste of one of my recent recordings, a cover of Looking for Lewis and Clark by the Long Ryders. I sent it to Sid Griffin who wrote and played the original. He said, "Your version of Lewis and Clark could be a hit!" This will be the lead track for my upcoming album release entitled Love Radio. We will be filming a video for the tune and the 9-song album will be released sometime in October of 2014. Stay tuned!

 Late last year I wrote some new lyrics to the classic tune Sea Cruise which I released as Koji on the Mound. It was a tribute to Koji Uehara and the Red Sox in their improbable 2013 World Series run. The song was picked up by Mike Adams at WEEI and Red Sox play by play announcer Joe Castiglione played it as well as Toucher and Rich on 98.5 the Sports Hub. I did an interview for an article in Sports Nippon Japan and a couple of Japanese TV stations have featured it. Check out the YouTube clip below. Over 186,000 hits so far and counting. You can download the tune here


The Koji song and video were well received in Japan. Koji himself saw it and tweeted out the link. Here's an interview I did with the Tokyo Broadcasting System from outside Fenway the night the Sox won the World Series. (Sorry if it doesn't play. TBS seems to think I'm a threat to their media empire). Unfortunately Koji and the Sox are not doing quite as well this year. Oh well, it was a nice ride.

My latest EP/CD Dream Girl had a nice run in 2012/2013. The title track reached #26 on the charts and received extensive airplay in the US and Europe.   

 Featured on Dream Girl was a cover of the jazz classic If You Stub Your Toe on the Moon. Here's a video we did for that one.

 Check out this edited version of some of the highlights from a Joint Venture gig.


If you haven't seen my music video for the song Leave Me Alone, check it out here. The song became a Libertarian anthem of sorts. Was promoted by a free market think tank in Italy and a prominent anti-anti-smoking activist in NYC. Some press and reviews are available on this site. Feel free to make a comment (be polite now...)    

 Here's another one with a different Pack of Viceroys lineup; a murky, subterranean bunch with a cast of questionable characters.